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Use Your Skills and Design Your World

März 28, 2012

It’s easy. Suppose you are in a position to develop the world as perfect and wonderful as you can imagine: 

• The oceans, rivers and lakes are clean, full of healthy fish and their food.

• All animals live according to their type and where necessary are treated by people with loving respect and responsibility.

• The plants grow in harmony with one another, bear abundant fruit and follow the natural cycle of growth, tires and misdemeanors.

• The sky is blue or traversed by bands of clouds or completely covered by natural clouds. Depending on where you live on this planet, there are more or less pronounced, the normal sequence of seasons with the corresponding temperatures.

• There is sufficient drinking water available anywhere and it is clean and enriched with energy.

• Unlimited energy, which can be used in many ways, is available for all people.

• You live in peace with other people.

• There is freedom that is limited only by the restrictions of essential freedoms of others.

• Every person on this planet has the right to live the way his skills and wishes require and to develop himself.

• Everyone has the ability and opportunity to achieve access to knowledge, insights and education on his own needs.

• Everyone is able to get his body healthy and to heal itself, if necessary. He also will be able to decide on the duration of its lifetime.

You can add to this list any proposals that may look like your world. 

The basis for this task is the realization that we create morphic fields with our thoughts, which come together with other similar fields to create a large informational field that is able to exert influence on the reality (The story of the hundredth monkey, Rupert Sheldrake, etc.)

The more people are dealing with these ideas, imagining it in their mind and bringing it to life, the greater will be the probability that life will be developed for the better on this planet. 

Even if you doubt this process, it is not a drawback if you develop your own vision of a better and peaceful world. You can create your personal model concerning the quality of your own life and actions.


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