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About „ism“

Juli 20, 2012

Do you have an idea about how to live a perfect life? Nearly everyone I asked would like to live for a long time and in good health, having everything needed for the daily life, having a good job to earn their living and to stay together with their families and friends. Very simple and absolutely normal! But how to get all these perfect ingredients and what’s even more difficult: How to keep them in that quality?

There are a lot of offers to get all these beautiful components for a perfect life. At each and every corner you can find an idea, ending with an “ism”, as there are: socialism, capitalism, communism, Catholicism, Islamism, feminism, nationalism, patriotism, etc. It’s really a long list. Only one idea doesn’t work with an “ism”, and that is democracy. I’m not talking about the perverted thing called democracy as some parties tried to make you believe being the best thing they could offer you.

I’m talking of the “real thing”, as you may (still) find in Switzerland. There it’s named “direkte Demokratie” which means nothing more than the people themselves have to take care and work for their villages, cities and “Kantone” as they are calling their districts. One of the specialties of democracy is the ability to compromise. This is the only point I would like to change, because finding consent would be much more efficient.

Being created with the right to use our free will democracy comes close to that freedom, but as I described before, it needs our will to work for the community and stay responsible for the whole. All other ways will take away our freedom and our chance to be responsible for our own life and the people we take care for. And in the end they will lead us to an “ism”, and that means being enslaved with either your mind or your body or in the worst case with both of them.


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