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Infinity And Responsability

Juni 6, 2014

The existence of the soul is infinite. Because she needed a body in this dimension and on this planet to explore and develop, she returns again and again in different bodies. From this point of view the death has only the function of a break or perhaps a Fermata. It’s always a theme = soul and its variations = earthly life. What should people be afraid of? Not of going to die, but of missing their lives.

What value would human life have under these aspects? Would you accept then: Not the life itself has a value, but only that would be of importance for the soul, what you can get out of it, so that it is easy and pleasant? Following this idea, it seems only reasonable to win the greatest earthly prosperity and success for yourself from the respective life. Life itself would rather have the function of a vehicle to achieve these goals. This assessment would explain at least in approaches the life-defying settings of some temporary inhabitants of the Earth. In addition, could a soul be born again and again in a particular grouping, this individual life would help to maintain these standards and to fix them. You can find some of these thoughts in a particular form of Protestantism called Calvinism.

How many lives would be needed in order to claim this condition as given and a matter of course? And how much hubris and arrogance would develope from this condition? There is still an essential ingredient to keep this advantage: power!

Power arises from the will and the ability to do something without being able to be prevented, and from the willingness of the parties concerned to accept these conditions. How many ideological, religious and philosophical concepts have been developed to get precisely this constellation? Away from this whole „clutter“, the arduous quest for development, the imprisonment in the everyday life, a closely limited caste of creatures exerts its unknown and non-transparent form of rule on this planet.

This closed system uses its position in a way that can only be described as parasitic. To a parasite it doesn’t matter whether its host lives or dies, as long as its private life is protected. This caste handles the planet just like that. At the moment, when there will be „nothing to pick up“ for them, they’ll give up this place and look for a new host.

Currently it seems this system might work no longer. Not, because life is not infinite, but because a global realization takes place. Many souls perceive that their possibility of return on this planet is increasingly at risk. They understand that their own conditions for life directly depend on the conditions for the life of all other living things.

It is also becoming increasingly clear that the current human definition of existence – you’re born, you live a time, you die and that’s it – so no longer maintain. Even without a religious background, knowledge of the actual circumstances develops with ever greater speed for souls. More and more startling information from the knowledge of reincarnation to the capability of the infinite extension of life in one and the same body gets in human consciousness.

This development is punchy and thus generates back pressure in that certain caste, which considers itself as ruler now seeing wane its privileges and especially its power. This pressure is determined mainly by time constraints, which can be implemented increasingly difficult now without attracting attention. It seems that all souls already know what is not yet accessible to all in human consciousness, and strive to create situations in which global fundamental decisions for or against life should be made.

As conscious beings let us give our souls the space they need to entrust the task to life for the sake of life again, making us become more loving and wiser people, the only reasons for our existence.


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