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It’s so easy!

Juli 11, 2014

Just a few examples:


Healthy Energy and More



Brown‘s Gas and

Keshefoundation and



Simple Supply of Healthy Foods under Best Conditions


Aquaponic and

Sonic Bloom

Back to Eden



Extensive Regeneration and Recovery of Water, Soil and Seed


Viktor Schauberger

Desert Greening

Keshefoundation and


Urzeitcode and

Sonic Bloom


This is just a short list of possibilities to change conditions for daily life supplies. Some of them are so easy to build and to use – e.g. the method to regenerate the soil of Fukushima, offered by Mr. Keshe, or Brown’s Gas for neutralizing nuclear waste or cleaning contaminated water. Others are still in a phase of development but could help soon

There is so much hope for a better life –

if people know about it and start to use it with their hands and their brains.






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