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April 17, 2015

We all are playing – like children, we are playing with earnest and devotion this great game called earthly life. We the immortal souls are free to choose our roles to create a delicate net of experience and love. Some of us choose the role of the so-called good and some as the support for the good ones play the role of the bad. In the duality of the third dimension both parts are needed to complete the whole. And as the roles changed during our incarnations there was a complete settlement for each of us. But this game is out of balance now, because some players wanted to stick to their roles and found a way to keep their position to become strong, wicked and bound to their families through all levels of their incarnations. This is the reason, why this game will end soon. We the souls have decided to change the game, have created new rules and have since given them to the present generation of men. This will be a game with new aims for all of us as the duality comes to its end too.


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